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posted by deluppi

Vista Shirohige -- Biography --

Shirohige Team

Vista is a tall (around Jinbe's height), muscular, broad-chested, and tanned man with a curly black mustache that seems to resemble the one sported by Gallant Hippo from Thriller Bark, and a dark blue top hat on top of his black curly hair and an earring in each ear. He wears a semi-open dark blue shirt with a white diamond stripe pattern near the top that reveals some of his hairy chest, as well as a cape that matches the color of his shirt and white gloves. He also wears light blue pants with a belt that holds two sword sheaths, one on each side. He wields two sabers, one in each hand.

During Ace's flashbacks, he was shown with shorter hair and wore different attire, consisting of some sort of open jacket and his trademark hat. He did not wear gloves then. He also appeared much slimmer and less muscular than he currently is.

Vista was a member of the Whitebeard Pirates 22 years ago and had his trademark mustache and top hat then as well.

Shirohige Team

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