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posted by deluppi

Gekko Moria Biography -- Shichibukai --

One Piece Moria Post

Gekko Moria was a member of the Shichibukai who resided on the floating island, Thriller Bark, when he was first introduced. His former bounty was Bsymbol.gif320,000,000. He is the main antagonist of the Thriller Bark arc who stole Brook's and various other beings' shadows with the use of the Kage Kage No Mi. He took part in the Whitebeard War and sided with the Marines like all the other loyal Shichibukai. Upon the war's end, he was stripped of his title and was to be eliminated by Donquixote Doflamingo, but managed to escape before he was killed, leaving Moriah's overall status unknown.

Moriah is a gargantuan person with very distinct devil-like features. Standing at 22' 7'' in height, he was the tallest among the Shichibukai before his position was revoked. His animal theme is that of a gecko based off his name, general appearance and the collar of his shirt bearing a resemblance to a lizard's frilled neck. His overall design resembles a giant leek.

Moriah's hair is red (purple in the anime) and stick straight up, splitting in two and slightly curving down near the top. He has two horns protruding from the sides of his forehead and stitches running down vertically from the top of his face and down his neck, which is rather long and thick in comparison to his body. His ears and teeth are both pointed, while his lower body is relatively fat and stubby in comparison. his skin is an almost-white pale blue and his lips are a darker shade.

His armbands and the edges of his gloves are pale blue. His coat and gloves are black whilst his pants are bright orange with pale window shapes imprinted on them. He wears a fishnet shirt. He also wears a cravat, necklace and a blue crucifix-like ornament with claw-like appendages sprouting out from three of the cross' points. During the meeting of the Shichibukai at the Marine Headquarters, Moriah added a blue cape laced with beige fur to his attire.

24 years before the current storyline, Moriah looked much thinner and had a pointed chin.


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