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posted by deluppi

Sanji One Piece Biography


Sanji was Nine years ago that Sanji was working on a ship in the North Blue as a chef. However, a famous pirate, one named Red Leg Zeff, suddenly attacked the ship taking whatever they could. Both ships, however, sank that day when suddenly a huge storm came and washed them both to the bottom of the sea. Zeff survived, and saved the young Sanji also. They washed up on a huge rock that stood outposted in the middle of the sea.

On this huge rock, there was nothing. There was no vegetation, no animals of any kind and no food in sight. All that had washed up on shore with them was some rations of food. Zeff gave Sanji a small bag of food, and kept a very large sack for himself, then told Sanji to go over to the other side of the island. When Sanji argued about how Zeff's sack was larger, Zeff simply replied that his stomach was larger.


So Sanji crossed the rock and stayed on the other side, looking out for a boat so that he could get off the island. Many, many days passed by and there was no sign of a ship anywhere in sight. Sanji had seperated his rations into many days, but now they were winding down. Weeks passed, and Sanji only had one small piece of bread left, which he accidentally dropped into the sea below. Even more weeks passed, and Sanji grew thinner and thinner. Through the rain and the hot sun, Sanji was slowly starving to death.

One day, he took out a knife and looked over at Zeff's side of the island. To his surprise, Zeff still had a huge sack by his side, as if it hadn't of even been touched the last few weeks. Running at Zeff in rage, he stabbed the sack, ripping it open. To his surprise however, there was no food in the sack, but instead it was full of treasure and gold. He looked at Zeff, speechless. He had given him the only food they had. But Sanji wondered how Zeff had survived without eating anything. Then he discovered it. Zeff was missing a leg ( in the anime, it was changed so that Zeff's leg had been ripped off when he was saving Sanji ). Suddenly, Zeff fell backwards, on the verge of passing out. With his last few words he told of Sanji of a paradise on the Grand Line. An ocean where every kind of fish appears. It was the All Blue. Zeff also explained of how if he survived, he wanted to make a floating restaurant. One that could feed anyone even in the middle of the sea. At that moment, Sanji agreed. He agreed that if he survived, he would help Zeff feed anyone who was hungry no matter what.


After that, they both passed out. Not long after, they were rescued by a ship that had travelled by the rock a few days earlier. For the next 9 years, Sanji grew up with Zeff, learning everything he new about cooking and fighting from him.


Position Chef
Age 19
Birthday March 2
Height 172 cm
Bounty 77,000,000 Belli
Devil Fruit N/A
Dream To find the All Blue.
Sanji One Piece Flag

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