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posted by deluppi

Jimbei Biography -- Shichibukai --

Jimbei One Piece Post

Jimbei is a whale shark fishman and former second captain of the Sunny Pirates after Fisher Tiger, and who became a Shichibukai ten years ago after disbanding his crew.[citation needed] He renounced his Shichibukai title at the Battle of Marineford, allying himself with the Whitebeard Pirates.

Jinbe's name was first mentioned by Yosaku in Chapter 69 with the introduction of the Shichibukai. However his first appearance only occurs much later during Impel Down Arc where he is formally introduced through an infobox.

Jinbe is a large blue whale shark fishman with a face that is commonly associated with various Japanese demons such as Oni. His yellow eyebrows and sideburns are distinctly shaped like those found on such demons, in addition to a bulb-like nose and an angular lower lip pointing upwards; a lightning-shaped scar can be seen from his left side burn and reaching over his left eye. He also possesses two tusk-like conical lower fangs associated with Oni as well; the rest of his teeth from the upper and lower rows are pretty much the same, albeit much smaller. He also has a severe underbite, which makes room for his huge fangs.

He has long, two-toned black hair, with two long white stripes coming from the roots over his forehead and trailing down the back, a topknot, and tuft of hair on his chin with a slight green hue. His hands and feet are also webbed, as typical as can be for a fishman, and limbs that are somewhat thin in comparison with his enormous girth. His gills (which are pale and pinkish flesh in color) are in between his shoulders and neck.

Under his pale-red coat, he appears to be wearing an orange colored traditional Japanese clothing called a jinbei covered all over with black and white square-shaped patterns with the black and white layers alternating each other (beginning with the black outline from the edge) and ending with a dark square at the middle of each and every one of them. He also ties this attire up with a purple scarf like a ribbon around his waist.

His jinbe after the Battle of Marineford is a plain one, but four years ago, when dueling against Ace, he wore a black gi with fish designs on either side of the chest, and a red sash with a tanto tied to it. For footwear, he appears to wear simple sandals on his webbed feet; probably with specially-designed straps to enable his webbed feet to slip through. His Sunny Pirates tattoo is on the center of his chest.

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