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posted by deluppi

Nami One Piece Biography

Biography Nami One Piece

Nami was found with Nojiko on a battlefield by a marine named Bell-Mere. Nojiko, being very young and holding the baby Nami in her arms, stumbled to Nojiko. When asked about Nami, Nojiko simply replied that she had found her. From that day, Bell-Mere adopted both. All three grew together as a family in Cocoyashi Village.

One day, however, the city was overtaken by a fish-man pirate, Arlong. Arlong imposed a fee on every person in the village, including children. If this fee was not payed, it would mean nothing other than death. Bell-Mere did not have enough money to pay for her and her two adopted children, and Arlong caught word of this. Using Bell-Mere as an example to all the other people in Cocoyashi village, she was shot infront of her two children and everyone else. Nojiko escaped, but Nami was taken by Arlong.


Arlong was aware that Nami was a map maker, so he made a deal with the young girl. If she brought him 100 million belli, then she could buy back her village. Nami agreed to this, and for 8 long years, she stayed as Arlong's cartographer and stealing treasure from pirates to gain enough money.

However, all of this changed when she ran into Luffy in Orange Town where Buggy the Clown was currently inhabiting. Nami was only after Buggy for the treasure, so she joined up temporarily with Luffy in order to get it. After Buggy was defeated and the treasure was found ( which Luffy gave to the townspeople afterwards ), Nami stayed with Luffy for a while as they traveled through Syrup Village where they picked up Usopp and until they reached the Baratie.


It was here that Nami left Luffy and the rest of the Strawhats. She took all the treasure that they had gathered and sailed away from them, heading back toward her hometown. Nami was close to having just enough, just 7 million belli away. But once she reached the island, she discovered that Arlong had been dealing with a marine who went by the name Nezumi. In order for Arlong to keep his stay at Cocoyashi Village, he had been secretly paying him. This time, he told Nezumi to take all of Nami's saved money, thus enforcing her to stay his cartographer for even longer.

Later on, Luffy finally reaches the island. He soon finds Nami in the middle of the street crying. She had tried to stop the townspeople from going after Arlong, but her attempt had failed. She was now alone, all because of Arlong. She whipped up a dagger and began stabbing herself in the arm, right where her tattoo of Arlong's flag was. Over and over again, until blood began running down her arm, she continued to pierce that symbol, screaming Arlong's name in anger. Suddenly, Luffy catches Nami's arm, stopping her from continuing. Nami, finally, after seeing Luffy, says that she needs help.

Agreeing, Luffy takes his Strawhat off and puts it on Nami's head. He, along with Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro, head to Arlong park to get rid of Arlong. All of arlong's men are defeated, and, after a long battle, Luffy finally defeats Arlong, destroying all of Arlong Park with him. Standing up from out of the rubble, Luffy yells at the top of his lungs, "Nami, you are my nakama!"

Nami Wanted One Piece

Position Navigator
Age 17
Birthday July 3rd
Height 172 cm
Bounty 16,000,000 Belli
Devil Fruit N/A
Dream To gather 100 million bellies. To draw a map of the world.
Nami One Piece Flag

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