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posted by deluppi

Usopp One Piece Biography

Usop One Piece

Usopp was born in Shiropp Village. As a young boy, his father, Yasopp, left with Shanks when he joined the Red-Haired Pirates. Not long after, his mother fell ill. Usopp always tried to help her, and he would continually tell her that one day dad would come back home. Eventually, however, she died.

Every day, he would run out through the streets, yelling at the top of his lungs that the pirates were coming. This came to be a habit for Usopp since his mother died, although it severely bothered the villagers.

Usopp grew up alone in his own house. One day, he gathered together three people, Ninjin, Tamanegi, and Piiman. He stated that together they would be pirates, and he named their group the Usopp Pirates, Usopp himself as captain.


One day, he met Kaya, a young girl who was sick and stayed in bed most of the time. Usopp took the place in cheering her up by telling her crazy stories of his pervious adventures. Although all of these were crazy lies, they seemed to cheer Kaya up.

A long while later, Luffy and his small crew of only Nami and Zoro came up to shore here. After a plan of Kuro, who is Kaya's butler, is revealed, the plan of which he kills Kaya and takes her fortune, Luffy takes a stand and defeats Kuro. Kaya, in thanks to Luffy, gave Luffy and the strawhats a ship, the Going Merry.

As Luffy and his crew were on the shore of the island getting ready to set sail on their new ship, Usopp was also getting ready to leave out to sea on a small boat of his own. He was planning on becoming a great pirate like his father. Then, when he came back to Kaya, he would tell her real stories, and not made up ones.


Just before Usopp boards his boat, Luffy wonders why he isn't getting on the ship. He says that Luffy is one of his nakama. Zoro continues by telling him to go ahead and get on the ship.

Thrilled, Usopp jumps into the air, right toward the ship.

Usopp traveled with the Strawhats until they reached the island Water 7. This is when Usopp and Luffy gets in a fight over the Going Merry. Luffy learned that it cannot be repaired, and that they have to get a new ship. In a fit of rage, Usopp leaves the crew, demanding Luffy to a duel, the winner would take Merry. Even though Usopp lost, Luffy still let Usopp keep the ship, leaving him along with the rest of the crew with tears in his eyes.

Later on, on top of one of the sea trains, Usopp puts on a mask and a long red cape and becomes Sogeking. He keeps this identity all the way through the rest of Water 7 and Ennies Lobby. All of the crew new this was really Usopp except Luffy and Chopper. Even though Usopp took off his mask once to encourage Luffy, he never figured it out.

After the conclusion of Ennies Lobby, Luffy and the crew had received a new ship, the Thousand Sunny, which was belt by Franky and the rest of the Galley-la. As the ship is sailing away, trying to avoid fire from a marine named Garp, Usopp arrives and starts yelling at them, trying to tell them not to leave him there. Zoro had stated that they should not let him on the ship unless his first words were "I'm Sorry." However, Usopp hadn't said that, but was yelling out other things. So, Zoro and Luffy simply stated that they couldn't hear Usopp. Finally, Usopp scrams at the top of his lungs "I'm sorry!". Luffy smiles and stretches his hand out to the shore back to Usopp. Usopp grabbed a hold and was brought back onto the ship. He had rejoined the crew.

Usopp Wanted One Piece

Position Marksman
Age 17
Birthday April 1st
Height 172 cm
Bounty 30,000,000 Belli
Devil Fruit N/A
Dream To become a brave warrior of the seas.
Usopp Flag

One Piece Main Wrapper

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