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posted by deluppi

Chopper One Piece Biography

Chopper One Piece Biography

Chopper for short is from Drum Island, was first a normal reindeer. However, he held something all the other reindeer did not have: A blue nose. This nose caused the other reindeer to be mean to him and disregard him.

But one day, his normal reindeer life changed completely. Chopper unknowingly ate the Hito-Hito no Mi (Human Human Fruit or Person Person Fruit). This fruit gave him the amazing ability and traits of a human being. Because of this, he was teased and hated even more by his herd, and now knowing this because of his newfound intelligence that grew with the fruit, he left the herd to go somewhere on his own.

A little later, as he was walking through the snow, he collapsed from blood loss and wounds. Luckily, a crazy old doctor named Hiruluk found him and rescued him. He was taken in by the doctor as a friend and “assistant.� Even though his deeds were of low medical value, Chopper started to look up to him as his role model. As he grew with Hiruluk, Hiruluk taught chopper his view of philosophy on life that all diseases and sicknesses could be cured, and that there were none that could not. He explained that his strong faith in the Jolly Roger was a symbol of strength and courage against all odds. They went door to door, administering there “cures�.

Eventually Hiruluk’s health started to steeply decrease; he knew that his time was running short, so once again Chopper was out in the cold snow, because Hiruluk didn’t want Chopper to know he was dying. Chopper later found out why Hiruluk kicked him out, and decided not to give up, and was determined to find a cure for his teacher and only friend. He found out very soon what to do, a special mushroom in a book with a skull and crossbones clearly on the picture, not knowing what it meant. So Chopper decides to go and look for the mushroom, he takes the book, and leaves.

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper comes back to the doctor injured and weak, with a broken horn, but he found the mushroom. Hiruluk ate the mushroom anyway to show his appreciation and love for Chopper knowing that he would eventually die anyway. He later finds out from Dr. Kureha that the mushroom is fatally poisonous and that the doctor would surely die. In front of King Wapol’s Castle where he had wanted to heal the sick before he died, he told them he had lived a wonderful life and committed suicide by blowing himself up before being killed by the poison, for Chopper’s sake. Hiruluk’s last wish was for Dr. Kureha to teach Chopper medicine, so for the next 6 hard years, Chopper worked as hard as he could, and studied to become a great doctor.

Soon after, the straw hat pirates came to Drum Island in search of a doctor to cure Nami of a bad illness. Through a series of events, Luffy, Sanji, and Nami ended up at Drum Castle, a place that Hiruluk and Kureha annexed after King Wapol fled the land. Chopper, naturally disliking and distrustful of humans, was displeased, especially since Luffy and Sanji were wanting to eat him. But later when Chopper showed his skill in medicine and combat Luffy offered, or forced him the position of ship’s doctor in his crew. Chopper was at first unwilling to leave the island. However, when he started to remember Hiruluk’s wish for Chopper to one day go out and explore the world on his own to broaden his medical skills, he decides to join Luffy and his crew. Leaving the castle with the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper was given a send-off of unbelievable proportions. Kureha had turned the snow into cherry blossoms, the very same that Hiruluk had studied over 30 years that would one day cure the people of Drum of their "sickness of the heart", a request from Hiriluk passed to Dr. Kureha as one of his last wishes. Drowning in tears, Chopper made a fond farewell to his birthplace and mentors, setting out to sea for the first time in his life.

Chopper One Piece Wanted

Position Doctor
Age 15
Birthday December 24th
Height 172 cm
Bounty 50 Belli
Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi (Person Person Fruit or Human Human Fruit)
Dream To be able to cure any disease, even a pandemic held by an entire country, and to explore the world with his friends.
Chopper One Piece Flag

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