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posted by deluppi

Joz The 3rd Commander Shirohige -- Biography --

Jos Biography Shirohige

Jozu is a big man, very muscular, broad-chested, use heavily-armored and have a dark-skinned man, he called a giant by Crocodile. Even when standing in a hunched position, he is roughly twice Crocodile's height. Wouw very big man, really sure. He has a long face with stripe-like patterns for a beard and hairstyle. His legs are relatively thin in comparison to his muscular arms. Hah Freaky man !! He appears battle-hardened and has a perpetual scowl on his face. The dark armor he wears and his hair style are very similar to that of an Aztec warrior, with red-bolted darl shoulder pads (the bolts were later changed to gray). On his chest he has a green cuirass, whose front and back portions are connected by metal straps that go over both his collarbones. The cuirass' color was later changed to a rusty red color. Around his waist there is a big, elaborated golden belt, worn over what looks like a green skirt similar to the ones worn by Aztecs, with golden decorations near the edge. He also wears what look like studded, black and gold large-buckled shoes or boots and matching black studded pants. During the battle at the summit, he lost his right arm. Twenty two years ago, Jozu wore a black tanktop instead of armor, but otherwise looked the same as he is today.
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